Join the Hottest Rewards Program Around

Option One

I want it NOW

For immediate access and instant rewards, visit Martini Bay and ask your server for a Your Rewards Card.  Your server will provide you a card as well as a tablet (or you can sign up on your smartphone).  Provide your card number (on the back of the card) and complete the registration form on this page. Once done, you will get access and an immediate discount for signing up.

Dont worry.  Your server will be glad to help.

Option 2

Mail it to me

If you want to have a card mailed to you, click this link here to fill out a form and we will mail Your Rewards Card to you already registered and ready to go.  All you need to do is complete the information here and you will receive your card in 2 to 4 weeks.  To do this, click the highlighted link above.  If you want immediate use, continue below.

In either case, you will:

Save Money on Day One!

Get Updates on Specials

Get Specials Available for Members Only

Get Birthday Rewards

Earn Spendable Points on Food and Drinks

Spend Points to Get Further Discounts or Free Items.

Please allow the form to Display Below.  If there are any issues, please click here.