Bourbon Street Sazarac at Martini Bay

Click Play to watch how we make a Bourbon Street Sazarac at Martini Bay

Ingredients are:

2 oz of Pendleton 1910 Rye Whisky

3 Dashes of Peychaud’s Cocktail Bitters

2 Dashes of Pee Brothers 1864 Orange Bitters

1/4 oz Lucid Absinthe (wet the glass)

1 cube or 5 grams of Sugar in the Raw brand or Raw Turbinado Granulated Cane Sugar

1 Strip of Flame expressed orange peel

The Bourbon Street Sazarac is considered America’s first cocktails. Made famous in New Orleans as one the top 4 drinks ordered in the Quarters. You can find more of this drink’s unique history Here. You’ll find we pay strong homage to the original.